Friday, 18 June 2021

Club Shoot Results

2012 Club Champ Results


  HOA A Grade B Grade C Grade
Trench  L Discombe D Muggeridge E Discombe  
Ball Trap  G Castles  L Discombe E Discombe  
Single Rise P Krippner B Deadman J Horan T Gordan
Points Score  G Castles L Discombe J Horan B Graham
Single Barrel  L Discombe G Castles B Potter H Wills
Sporting Larry Discombe David Alley Amber Scott Andrew McIntosh
Skeet Peter Krippner Larry Discombe Jim Tarrent Phil Fagan
Double Rise Peter Krippner Neville Discombe Barry Peake Bill Head
Minis Larry Discombe Jim Nash Glen Discombe Gordon Inglis
High Gun Larry Discombe      

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